Motorola NIM100 MOCA Bridge Info

The Motorola NIM100 doesn't seem to be commercially available. It was used by Verizon in rolling out their FIOS service. Verizon has switched to the Actiontec MI424WR that combines Ethernet and coax with a wireless router, thus eliminating the need for the NIM100. You can find used NIM100s on EBay, I bought several at $30 a piece. I am trying to add one to my FIOS network to provide ethernet service in my basement to replace a Ethernet Power Line connection, which is relatively slow.

Experimentation and research has shown that the Cable In connector passes video and Ethernet signals, whereas the Cable Out connector only passes video signals, the Ethernet is filtered out. As an experiment I was able to connect two of them together with a piece of coax connecting both ends of the coax to a Cable In port. Once connected and powered on I was able to easily use the segment as a Ethernet connection. I did not have to configure anything, simply connect and power on. The internal stats of the two NIM100 bridges showed they had a connection speed between themselves of 254 Mbps.


  • What is the default Username / Password for the Motorola NIM100 ?
    • If you access via a web browser, the default password is "entropic". No username required.
    • If you access via a telnet session, the default username is "root". No password required.
  • What is the default IP address of the Motorola NIM100 ?
    • By default DHCP is disabled, and the IP address will be negotiated by interrogating for other Moca devices on the network. If there are no other MOCA devices, the ip address will be, otherwise, it will increment until an unused address is found (,,, etc.) Note: I hooked two together with a piece of coax and found that their IP addresses actually started at rather than, thus my two had IP addresses of and

Misc Info:

The Motorola NIM100 will auto-detect required MOCA-Ethernet bridge settings, and interoperate correctly with other MOCA devices including:

  • FIOS TV Set Top Boxes
  • Actiontec MI424WR
  • Other Motorola NIM100
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