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JaTomes Software and Consulting is a small consulting firm specializing in IBM mainframe operating systems. Many of my web sites are a collection of helpful information that I have accumulated over the years for my own use. I initially created them as web pages so that I could access the information easily from a web browser when I was working at a client location. Through various search engines they have gradually become used by many other people other than myself.

I found Wikidot.com several months back and liked how easy it was to set up information. I have several wiki's that are private and finally decided to create this one as public. All of them contain information that multiple people either need access to successfully do their job or steps that I followed to install or configure some software that I might need to repeat in the future. As I get older, I find that if it has been several months since I did a task it takes a while to remember all of the steps. So now I try to remember to create procedures as a wiki so that I can refer to them the next time that I need to repeat a process.

My goal with this wiki is to migrate information from other web sites that I own. It is also to still have the information available to the general public and give the other people the ability to join as member and add additional topics that maybe of interest.

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