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There are many Hosting providers with a wide range of prices and options available. The first link below is to the provider that I use and have had excellent results. They are also one of the lower priced providers, yet offer a lot of options. I am also providing lilnks to other sites that offer specialized storage and presentation such as picture sites, blogs, and etc.

Links to Web Hosting providers

  • BlueHost Where I host and have had good results, has many scripts available to be installed via the control panel such as
    • Content Management - Drupal, Joomla
    • Blogs - WordPress
    • Photo Galleries - Coopermine, Gallery
    • Wikis - PmWiki, Tiki Wiki, and MediaWiki

Links to Blogs, Wikis, Journal and social media sites

Many of these sites offer free sites with limited options and or space. Some offer pro versions for a small fee.

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