GE 45600 SmartHome Remote


Your home control network can include up to 232 Z-Wave enabled devices. This remote allows you to control up to 18 individual Z-Wave devices with one easy-to-use, compact unit. You can also set up and control up to 18 groups of lights as well as 18 scenes for task or mood lighting. Each group can include up to 232 Z-Wave devices and each scene can include up to 32 Z-Wave devices. Lights can be included in multiple groups. Scenes can include lights from different groups.
Please note: The terms Device, Node, and Light all refer to an individual Z-Wave enabled device in your home control network and are interchangeable within the context of these instructions.
Note: When the Red LED blinks 5 times after a key press, you must replace the batteries. The remote retains all its user settings while replacing the batteries.

If this remote is used as the primary controller, you must use it to create your control network. You can use multiple remote controls with your Z-Wave lighting control network, however, only one remote will act as the primary controller. The primary controller must be used to add or delete devices (lights / nodes) from your network. All other remotes are considered secondary and can be used to create groups and/or scenes and control your lighting however secondary remotes cannot add or delete devices from your control network.

Notes on Network Management:
Add a node, group or scene can also be referred to as include a node, group or scene. Remove a node, group or scene can also be referred to as Exclude a node, group or scene.


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