GE 45609 On/Off Relay Switch

Basic Operation

Remote Control

GE Z-Wave remotes provide control of an individual device, Groups of devices and Scenes. Other brands of Z-Wave certified remotes may not offer as much flexibility in how you can set up your lighting control network. Please refer to your remote control's instructions for details on its capabilities and instructions for adding and controlling devices.

Manual Control

The 45609 switch allows the user to turn ON/OFF the connected lighting.

  • To turn the connected lighting ON: tap the top of the rocker.
  • To turn the connected lighting OFF: Tap the bottom of the rocker.

Program Your Light Switch

Include or exclude the switch to/from the Z-Wave home control network.

  • Refer to the instructions for your primary controller to access the network setup function and include or exclude devices.
  • When prompted by your primary controller, tap the top or bottom of the rocker.
  • The primary controller should indicate that the action was successful. If the controller indicates the action was unsuccessful, please repeat the procedure.
  • Once the switch is part of the network, the same basic procedure is used to add the switch to groups & scenes or change advanced functions. Refer to the primary controller's instructions for details.

Please note: After a power failure, the 45609 switch returns to the last used state.

Advanced Operation

The following Advanced Operation parameters require that you have an advanced controller like the GE model 45601 LCD remote. Advanced remotes from other manufacturers may also be able to change these settings; however, basic remotes do not have this capability.

All On/All Off

Depending upon your primary controller, the 45609 switch can be set to respond to ALL ON and ALL OFF commands in up to four different ways. Some controllers may not be able to change the response from its default setting. Please refer to your controller's instructions for information on whether or not it supports the configuration function and if so, how to change this setting.
The four possible responses are:

  • It will respond to ALL ON and the ALL OFF commands (default).
  • It will not respond to ALL ON or ALL OFF commands.
  • It will* respond to the ALL OFF command but **will not respond to the ALL ON command.
  • It Will respond to the ALL ON command but **will not respond to the ALL OFF command.

LED Light

When shipped from the factory, the LED is set to turn ON when the connected light is turned OFF. This is the default setting and can be changed if your primary controller supports the node configuration function. To make the LED turn ON when the light is turned ON, change parameter 3's value to "1". To turn the LED OFF at all times, change parameter 3's value to "2".

  • Parameter No: 3
  • Length: 1 Byte
  • Valid Values - 0, 1 or 2 (default 0)

Invert Switch

If the switch is accidentally installed upside down with "On" at the bottom and "Off" at the top, the default On/Off rocker settings can be reversed by changing parameter 4's value to "1".

  • Parameter No: 4
  • Length: 1 Byte
  • Valid Values: 0 or 1 (default 0)

Restoring Factory Defaults

All Configuration Parameters can be restored to their factory default settings by using your primary controller to delete/reset the device.

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