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The Z-Wave standard of open-air, line of sight transmission distance is 65 feet. Actual performance in a home depends on the number of walls between the remote controller and the destination device, the type of construction and the number of Z-Wave enabled devices installed in the control network. Every Z-Wave enabled device acts as a signal repeater and multiple devices result in more possible transmission routes which help eliminate "RF dead-spots".
Things to consider regarding RF range:

  • Each wall or obstacle (i.e.: refrigerator, big screen TV, etc.) between the remote and the destination device will reduce the range of 65 feet by approximately 25-30%.
  • Brick, tile or concrete walls block more of the RF signal than walls made of wooden studs and plasterboard (drywall).
  • Wall mounted Z-Wave devices installed in metal junction boxes will suffer a significant loss of range (approximately 20-25%) since the metal box blocks a large part of the RF signal.



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